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Necron Lords & Destroteks (/w Lances)

So despite my great apathy about the future of the hobby at the moment, particularly with the price increases I am forging ahead with my Necron army. Well forging ahead is probably somewhat of an over-exaggeration, it just sounds far … Continue reading

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Well, Faeit 212 is back online, Eldar have been released, with not only a codex but a supplemental for Iyanden too and I still can’t summon any enthusiasm for working on my 40k. I went and bought a pot of … Continue reading

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Faeit212 Gone and with it any interest in the hobby!

I’m not sure when I’ll update this blog next, as the closure of Faeit212 has really hamstrung my Warhammer interest. I was looking forward to the Eldar release with some trepidation, but now I can’t even summon any interest in … Continue reading

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