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NEWS – LOLMarines Surface

Marines are pretty much confirmed as the next release as a raft of images have hit the net, showing exactly what will be on offer. We’ve also heard that the Codex will be released with seven different covers to represent … Continue reading

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LEAKED: Plastic Farseer kit

This is probably the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a while. Natfka over at Faeit 212 – Breaking News !!! Eldar Model Pic……… A Plastic Farseer just added a leaked picture of the plastic Farseer kit. This is majorly exciting … Continue reading

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Hobby Health

Well lots of things have happened recently; here is a short overview: GWS is trying to stamp out third party bits sales. GWS started a legal battle with some poor author whose book name included the term ‘Space Marine’ despite … Continue reading

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