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Faeit212 Gone and with it any interest in the hobby!

I’m not sure when I’ll update this blog next, as the closure of Faeit212 has really hamstrung my Warhammer interest. I was looking forward to the Eldar release with some trepidation, but now I can’t even summon any interest in … Continue reading

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Meta, Flyers and the Game

Sixth Edition has brought many changes, from what codexes are considered T1, to basic rules of the game changing massively, even what kind of units there are and how they interact. Meta, which was huge in 5th is in a … Continue reading

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Forge World Bikers “Outriders”

Not sure if people have seen these, but I was mightily impressed when I did! I have to admit that Jetbikes and regular bikes are some of my favourite ideas in the 40k world, but don’t always reach the level … Continue reading

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