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Choosing an army to build…

Choosing a Warhammer 40k army is at times extremely difficult, particularly if you look past just what models look good and want something that fits your play style or personality. Marines are very popular because they are the jack of all … Continue reading

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Reaver Jetbikes

One of the most exciting new models to be released with the Dark Eldar codex was undoubtedly the  Reaver Jetbike, with a totally redesigned bike that will hopefully be implemented in some form for CW:Eldar in the future, and some very cool … Continue reading

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Dark Eldar HQ: Baron

Baron Sathonyx is possibly one of the best designed and costed HQs available to a Dark Eldar player. Between a Shadowfield, PGL (Phantasm Grenade Launcher) and the Stealth rule this guy is quite the bargain. Opening up Hellions as troops … Continue reading

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