Warriors: Squad load out and forethought.

Warrior squad load outs are an important step in planning your Dark Eldar army to ensure the best flexibility and effectiveness regardless of how your build may change.

ten warriors two blasters dark lance

Each box or battleforce nets you 10 Warriors, with extra bodies for each Raider purchased. You can take advantage of this fact by building each squad 12 Eldar strong. I also invested in several extra sets of special weapons from Ebay Bitz stores.

This means you’ll have 9 normal warriors, a Dark Lance wielder, and two Blaster wielders. I’m not a huge fan of the Splinter Cannon on Warriors but depending on your play style one warrior equipped this way balances out your basic squad.

Now you are prepared to build two 5 man blaster squads that will fit inside venoms, a 10 man squad with a Dark Lance/Splinter Cannon and/or Blaster.

Plus you have plenty of extra special weapons for Trueborn squads should you need them!

My current list makes use of 20 Warriors, two squads of 10 with Dark Lances as objective holders. This means no dedicated transport, and no blaster. Also included will be 20 wyches, pending their effectiveness in battle.

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