Reaver Jetbikes

One of the most exciting new models to be released with the Dark Eldar codex was undoubtedly the  Reaver Jetbike, with a totally redesigned bike that will hopefully be implemented in some form for CW:Eldar in the future, and some very cool weapon options and rules.

three reaver jetbikes

Reavers with magnetised bases

Like all Jetbikes they have the ability to turboboost with Bladevanes allowing them to attack a non vehicle unit they fly over. These can be upgraded for more powerful/plentiful attacks for one per three, but the expense is prohibitive.

They also benefit from the Jetbike slide rule, but unfortunately the mish-mash of rules which give this unit its price don’t synergise. Bladevanes require a turboboost, your anti tank weapons require the right kind of target, AND a lot of skill to make sure you don’t get shot down the minute you appear, and combat drugs and an Arena Champion (‘sergeant’ type upgrade) allow reasonable combat prowess depending on your CD rolls but the price stacks up even higher. Unless your facing small squads you probably won’t want to assault any large units you demech.

As a fast attack choice you need to pack in as much anti tank as possible, as it is one of your best slots for these units and heatlances. Reavers can take one Blaster or Heatlance per three Jetbikes and larger squads are not cheap, especially considering a 5+ save.

reaver jetbikes with arena champion and heatlance

Left to Right: Normal Reaver, Arena Champion with Venom Blade, Reaver with Heat Lance.

Probably the most obvious middle ground choices for this unit is 6 DElf strong, with one of the following loadouts:

  • 2 Heatlances or 2 Blasters
  • 2 Heatlances or 2 Blasters, Arena Champ, Venom Blade or Agoniser (Pop tanks, and assault contents)
  • Cluster Caltrops could be an interesting investment, but adding almost 25%+ to the cost of the unit really isn’t realistic.

For a Wych themed army these also work really well, since they are essentially Wyches on Jetbikes, and they also synergies with Duke Sliscus with the reroll to combat drugs, giving you a much better chance of FNP or a combat orientated benefit.

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