Revisited: Psyfleman Dreadnought

psyfleman dreadnoughtPsyfleman Dreadnoughts – or dual twin linked autocannon dreads with psybolt ammo in the Grey Knight codex are one of the most competitive choices available. They are basically an ‘auto include’ in some circles (mech heavy meta) they are just so effective. (WIP picture)

Traditional dreadnoughts aren’t exactly the most interesting of walkers however, even those from Forge World. Boxes on legs aren’t a triumph of design unless you’re a die hard marine fan who believes 40k is the darkest age of science and technology, in which even the most basic design concepts have eluded humanities grasp.

Thankfully Forge World has released the Contemptor (Relic) Dreadnought.

That’s a beast of a machine, and thanks to the pricing of Dreadnoughts in Oz, and the need to buy an Aegis Defence kit for autocannons if you want to convert your own, its actually considerably cheaper to go the Forge World route. (Note: I said cheaper, not cheap)

Unfortunately my GWS purchases are currently on hold as I work on two Dark Eldar battleforces, 20 oldschool metal GKT, 5 Incubi and 5 Scourges.

I did have a spare DreadKnight lying around from the GK release however, and decided to see what I could come up with as a stand in Psyfleman Dread.

Here are the results:

dreadknight psyfleman

Wrist mounted TL autocannons.

converted dreadknight weapons to autocannons

Wrist mounted TL autocannons.

Dreadnought version of a dreadknight

Dreadnought interred pilot.

So apart from the autocannons this conversion uses just parts from the DK kit. Its relatively simple and does look just like a DreadKnight with autocannons, but I still find that preferable to anything except a Contemptor.

The knee and shin armour hasn’t been glued on yet to assist painting, and the cannons are unfortunately a bit uneven. Damn that 40k engineering!

Its on a normal MC base, instead of the flyer base to avoid accusations of cheating, and the cannons are only slightly higher than on a normal dread, although the height of the model makes it harder to hide!

I think if I build any future DreadKnights for my GK force I’ll create pilots like this, since the terminator in the baby support look really isn’t all that cool.

Now it just needs paint!

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