The Dark Eldar Raider

raider from two angles split shotThe mighty Raider, a nigh on unstoppable juggernaught on the battlefields of the 41st century, bristling with weapons and…… oh wait sorry was thinking the LAND Raider.

So the Dark Eldar Raider, quite possibly made with a similar material in the 40k universe as the model kit, and sporting a single Dark Lance is the only larger transport vehicle available to most DE players.

It is also one of the most cost effective methods of taking a Dark Lance, which sadly isn’t saying much in a codex defined by overpriced lances and extremely limited special weapon choices.

I’ve built mine quite simply, trimmed back sails for transport, and no gunner – after all a Dark Eldar pilot isn’t going to give away the controls of a potent weapon which would allow far better infliction of pain upon the battle fields.

Optimal squad loadouts?

  • 10 Warriors, DL/Blaster
  • 10 Wyches (Various loadouts)
  • Incubi 6+ (won’t fit in venom)
  • Trueborn 6+ (Again won’t fit in venom, but not really recommended)
  • Wracks, 6+ or squads of 3, purely for the transport.

raider pilot

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  • Fireshade321

    Extremely limited special weapons choices? Seriously? You HAVE read the DE codex, right?

    • Kristwithak

      Limited meaning in Warrior squads you HAVE to take a heavy and a special weapon in a highly mobile squad, greatly decreasing the effectiveness of those weapons due to massive range mismatches.

      Then add the fact you need 10 warriors for each lance… 
      Otherwise you take 5 man squads whose only claim to fame is a Blaster unless you think a Blast Pistol is a good choice….

      Trueborn can’t take heatlances, no Blasters on Wyches, or Incubi.

      Oh and GLances, I mean Lances aren’t the most ideal of special weapons at the cost provided in the DE codex.

      Yes I have read and own the codex.

      Care to back up your opinion with something other than hyperbole?