Choosing an army to build…

Choosing a Warhammer 40k army is at times extremely difficult, particularly if you look past just what models look good and want something that fits your play style or personality.

Marines are very popular because they are the jack of all trades with one of the best armour saves in the game, with what can at times feel like a hundred codex to choose from, including the ease of  switching between options to change things up or try a new more powerful rulebook.

I find myself in a dilemma, I don’t like marines very much. I like Blood Angels, but the normal models aren’t all that inspiring.

My oldest project was Kael Din – a converted ‘Eldar’ army that was designed to fit the WYSIWYG rules to play as a DoA/Jumper Blood Angels army.

The difficulty, expense and then gameplay issues with this kind of army stalled the project and now while working on Dark Eldar I need a second project to keep things fresh.

The dilemma? Do I continue with the converted Eldar Kael Din? Or do I build my Death Angels – which will be a DoA/Jumper army with Assault Marines created from the Sanguinary Guard box for the cooler winged jump packs and models.

The army lists are basically the same, except the Death Angels offer all those marine options. I could in the future add Baal Predators, or Dreadnoughts and Death Company.

The exodites are more limited, I can build any infantry necessary, even bikes, but drop pods, vehicles and dreads are more difficult.

So which do I choose?

Kael Din Blood Seer

A Kael Din Blood Seer (Librarian)


A Death Angel Assault Marine with power axe

A Death Angel Marine, with jump pack, bolt pistol and power axe. Its worth noting most Death Angels will be equipped with a Halberd as their CCW.

I have 15 Kael Din ASM built, with a Librarian (pictured), two priests and a squad of ‘Devastators’.

I have 13 Death Angel ASM as above, with 8 built and the Halberds/sprues ready for 7 more, I have a squad of normal ASM from a previous project, the models and weapons for 8/10 Devastators.

The list I am aiming for is:

2x Librarians, JP

2x Honour Guard (4 Plasma, 2 MG)

3x ASM(10) 2 MG (PF on the Eldar Squad leader, Thunder Hammer on Death Angel Serg)

2x Devastators(5) 3 ML, PlasmaCannon

52 models, reasonably fluffy, and a good base to build from. Approx 1750 points.


I’ll post some more pictures of the Kael Din prototypes and a proper Death Angel with Halberd for comparison tomorrow.

Opinions welcome.

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