Blood Angels ‘Successors’ – Death Angels

death angel assault marine

A Death Angel Assault Marine from different angles.

Here is the proper Death Angel Assault Marine prototype. The wings came off after his second attempt to fly while being left on the above pictured piece of paper during photographing, when I realised I needed a SD card in the camera (Duh!). The wind picked up the paper and offered final proof that while the wings look cool they offer no aerodynamic benefits.

His first attempt to fly was while being Dull Cote’d, involving Blu-tac not holding him and a tumble down several stairs. Hence the damage on the Halberd, back of the jump pack and various other areas as dust and debris got caught in the Dull Cote.

The bronze areas came out badly, and the areas where the wings are meant to be are obviously not painted as the model was under-coated/air brushed while put together and the wings totally block those areas. The halberd also isn’t quite straight after the first flying incident – it snapped at the hand.

After extensive drilling in which I managed to drill all the way through his torso (while making holes for pinning) his wings are reattached. The small wound on his chest will have to remain for now. He is a marine he can live with it. FNP and all that.

Pros of a marine built army:

  • Lots of models available
  • Lots of viable army lists
  • Plastic kits are good value and easy to convert
  • Only extra parts needed would be Halberds which are readily available on ebay.
  • Sanguinary Guard look cool as assault marines.
  • DoA/Jumper armies don’t need vehicles (I don’t like vehicles much)


  • Playing marines…
  • Marine models aren’t that inspiring
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