Eldar – A vision of a more viable codex

The following is a list of changes I imagined while bored at work. It’s a bit more in keeping with other 5th Edition codexes, and would put Eldar slightly more in line with their position according to the lore – that is to say as one of the most technologically advanced races which relies greatly upon their Seers and Warlocks.

Eldar Codex Wishlist

The following rules are in addition to the current Eldar Codex rules, with some adjustments of abilities. (Passive) refers to a power which a unit now has naturally (part of its profile), where this power was previously given by an exarch it is removed.

I haven’t changed pricing, instead aiming to add additional abilities which make the units worth their current costs.

This are basically my wish list on how Eldar would work in the current edition. It mainly revolves around Warlocks and Farseers offering much more flexibility to the army as a whole.

If this was a WD release for Eldar I’d be pretty happy.

Vehicle Rules:

All vehicle weapons are twin linked. When two duplicate weapons are taken they do not twin link, firing separately (but at the same target as per the normal firing rules). They must also be destroyed separately. This does not include jetbikes.

I envision this brings elder vehicles up to par for their cost, but this is probably the least stable of the changes I envision. It may be too powerful, but since Eldar weapons are so expensive this system allows the current loadouts to be effectively used.

To clarify this means where you currently would buy a set of weapons for a wave serpent they now count as two separate twin linked weapons, instead of one.


Farseers: 1 power chosen free, 1-3 per HQ slot. Can attach to other squads. Mindwar power (passive), ignores cover, failing the roll-off means taking a single wound with no saves allowed (including invulns). Any squad containing a Farseer always takes any test that uses leadership on its (Farseer’s) un-modified leadership, Farseer’s all started as Warlocks and remember their early training in the use of embolden. Farseers can use one power per turn, each soul stone increases this by one to a maximum of three.

Fortune: cast at beginning of opponents turn, or controlling players turn (lasts 1 player turn), Doom/Guide: cast in beginning of Eldar player turn. Fortune may only ever effect the unit the Farseer is a part of, or the vehicle they are embarked in. Guide does not stack with enhance, the reroll may be taken on base BS, or the additional BS may be used.

Warlocks: 1 power free, 3-10 can be taken for each Farseer squad. Warlocks can always attach to other infantry squads (except rangers/pathfinders), up to two may join a unit. 2 base attacks. No additional powers may be taken. Warlock powers are not effected by psychic hoods or other abilities which disrupt psychic powers, only wargear, rules or powers which totally negate the effect or use of psychic powers may block or stop warlock powers, and only in cases where it effects an enemy unit, not the warlock unit itself.

Note: Warlocks which join units (except those that join Guardian Jetbike units) must always be purchased with a Farseer and leave the accompanying Warlock unit to assist other units in the force. This can reduce the unit size to 0 if all Warlocks and Farseers join other units.

Enhance: Unit adds 1 BS OR 1 WS until the players next turn, and 1 Initiative. Does not stack (you cannot use the power from two warlocks to add both 1 BS AND 1 WS). BS cannot be improved past 4, WS cannot be improved past 5. For simplicities sake you can simply create a token which states which stat is improved and the effect remains until changed by the controlling player or the warlock dies.

Conceal: Provides a 5+ invulnerable save, representing the unit being hidden from the mind of opponent, in much the same way as providing cover but with the added benefit of being effective against template weapons.

Autarch: May take any two listed upgrades for free (except a jetbike, which uses both free upgrades and all further gear must be purchased at the listed points). Any squad joined by an Autarch is scoring. Autarch’s confer Stubborn to any unit they join.


Fire Dragons: Unchanged.

Howling Banshees: Furious Charge (passive)

Striking Scorpions: Infiltrate (passive)

Harlequins: May take up to two Death Jesters, or may give two Harlequins Fusion Guns (no longer able to take fusion pistols).

Wraithguard: 2 wounds, may be taken as troops with a spirit seer in squad numbers of 5 or 10. (Spiritseers are normal warlocks who join Wraithguard units).


Guardians: 1 Heavy weapon per 7 Guardians.

Dire Avengers: Bladestorm (passive) – adds one to number of shots, may not move in next movement phase (may not embark).

Rangers/Pathfinders: Sniper rifles wound on 3’s.

Jetbikes: Joined by warlock on bike 35 points. (Rules above pertaining to warlocks apply)

Fast Attack:

Swooping Hawks: S4 lasblasters.

Warp Spiders: AP6 Spinners, may move 2D6 in the assault phase but do not lose squad members.

Shining Spears: 2 base attacks, Counter Charge (passive) – Shining Spears gain their special lance rule attacks when counter charging.

Vyper: Vypers may be taken in ‘squadrons’, but for all intent and purposes operate independently. 1-2 Vypers may be taken each slot, but are considered individual vehicles for all intent and purpose. Each vyper is worth a single KP.

Dedicated Transport:

Wave Serpent: Armour 12/12/12. The Wave Serpent is the primary transport for Eldar forces and due to only having rear disembarkation points has a new reinforced design that improves rear armour to ensure the greatest safety for the vehicle and embarked forces. Wave Serpents can hold 12 infantry with a 4+ or better save, and up to 18 models with a 5+ save. Guardian Heavy weapons take up two slots. (May take 14 guardians and two heavy weapons). Guardian heavy weapons may not fire the turn they disembark.

Heavy Support:

War Walkers: War Walkers with Scatter lasers or Shuriken Cannons are taken as Fast Attack. Any loadouts which include a BL, ML, or StarCannon are taken as heavy support choices. Note: Mixed weapons including the ‘heavy options’ mean the walkers MUST be taken as a Heavy support choice.

Fire Prism: are complex weapons built to obliterate enemy fortifications, tanks and units, they must suffer 3 weapon destroyed results before the Fire Prism is destroyed. Fire Prisms also ignore damage results which stop shooting on a roll of a 3+.

Night Spinner: are complex weapons built to blanket enemy fortifications, tanks and units in deadly monofilament barrages they must suffer 3 weapon destroyed results before the Night Spinner weapon is destroyed. They also ignore damage results which stop shooting on a roll of a 3+.

Dark Reapers: Cover saves taken against Dark Reaper fire may only ever be a 5+ or worse, as the Dark Reapers excel at pinpoint attacks against enemy units hiding from fire. Any Dark Reaper may swap their Reaper Launcher for a Missile Launcher. Due to the increased load of wielding a Missile Launcher any unit which fires one or more may not move the following movement phase to represent being heavily entrenched in their position in order to fire the missiles accurately.

Wraithlord: For each squad of 10 Wraithguard taken as a troop choice a single Wraithlord may also be included as a troop choice (taking up a FoC slot). Wraithlord are not affected by wraith sight if a Farseer is present in the army and alive.  Wraithlord’s are equipped with a Wraith Sword, this confers rerolls to hit and wound, and provides a 4+invulnerable save against attacks which ignore their normal armour save, as they swat missiles from the air or deflect shots with their blade.

 NOTE: This is not in any way official, and is simply my take on how Eldar should work in the current edition, as the prospect of a new codex remains hazy even to the greatest of Farseers. All copyrighted names, terms or trademarks are used without permission with no challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

(GWS feel free to use anything you see here that you like, Eldar fans are really dying for a new codex although my vision probably doesn’t represent all or even a majority of Eldar fans and players.)

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