Colour me unimpressed: First impression

work in progress wracksToday was my first chance to try out the new paints, well one of them at least.

Working on my converted Wracks for my Dark Eldar army provided a great opportunity to try out the base paint: Ceramite White, over which the armies secondary colour – Fortress Grey could be applied. Up until now the Astronomican Grey Foundation paint had fulfilled this role.

Having seen and heard rave reviews about the new white base I was pretty excited. This quickly turned to annoyance upon using the paint.

Whether I received a pot from a bad batch I am unsure, but the new base paint proved to be extremely chalky, providing uneven coverage and a poor surface for further layers.

I’ll be grabbing a grey variant of the new bases just to check whether they compare more favourably to my trusty Astonomican Grey. Until then the foundation paint is a clear winner from a coverage, consistency and surface texture perspective.

I also tried out the Citadel Texture: Mourn Mountain Snow, which provides a quick and easy method of basing snow, with the advantage of being able to add snow flock straight onto the wet mix for a fluffier snow rather than ice look. Definitely a faster method of basing, but still requiring multiple layers of PVA glue and snow flock in order to create a really stunning snow effect (I probably wouldn’t bother except for special units or characters). One downside is the colour in the texture itself, which can easily mar the paint job of the miniature itself if you aren’t careful, but which removes the need to paint the base a light colour.

I’m hoping the new layers and shade I bought prove more effective.

WIP Kael Din Sanguinary Priest based on warlock

WIP: Kael Din Sang Priest / Eldar Warlock

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