Rumours and Relocation

40k has ground to a halt due to moving into a new apartment.

Converted Dread Knight

Some basic lighting on the NDK/Psyfleman

Its been an exciting, stressful and tiring experience, but the move has been made and I’m just working on setting up a painting area.

I can’t wait to get back to work either as I have my Nemesis Dread Knight in progress and begging for completion. Despite a disappointing start with the new paints I’ve found the layers and shades/glazes to be quite good.

Rumours of 6 ED. abound across the interwebs, most of which I’ve found dubious, disappointing and less than inspiring.

While I reserve the right to be highly cynical about what is to come, I’m honestly hoping it’s a pleasant surprise.

The NDK is currently on a MC base so it can stand in as a Psyfleman, but will be designed to sit on a flyer base as well.

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