NDK/Psyfleman Update

Nemesis DreadKnight slash Psyfleman conversion

The new red wash works quite well!

The Nemesis Dread Knight/Nought project continues, with a little more progress and some insight into what I’m going for. Sorry for the poor pictures!

I really like the base black colour with the air brushed source lighting, and using red and bronze brings out the detail in the model. I might have to add an additional colour however, and am struggling to decide. White or silver is the obvious choice, but I don’t want to jump in too quickly.

I’m slowly warming to the new paints, but they are also the only GWS product I can afford to buy in their retail shops these days.

Nemesis DreadKnight another angle

I'll include a side shot next time so the bronze is more visible.

Not in any quantity – $6 is basically a meal, but they do complement certain aspects of the older range.

I’m also currently tempted to add a NDK Great Sword either hung at the waist or over the shoulder, and perhaps a Heavy Incinerator connected at the thigh to represent all the possible loadouts.

After all a Nemesis Dread Knight should be able to reach over his shoulder to grab his sword, or to switch weaponry mid battle, especially something as simple as a wrist mounted weapon.

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