Prometheus – An Apt Title

 prometheus movie poster
The movie Prometheus (2012) is a grand production with amazing special effects and a great cast, attempting to build upon the success of the Alien franchise with questionable results.

While not a fan of horror movies in general I have to appreciate the quality of the original Alien movies, both from the perspective of how much was achieved with such limited technology and as the movies themselves are just so gut wrenchingly engrossing.

Prometheus however was not quite so easy for me to appreciate with a spartan, almost non-existent story line, lack of character development and downright awful script.

Character interaction is limited and poor, with a crew that was apparently pulled out of the bar nearest the trillion dollar space ship when it was launched, if their behaviour and supposed expertise is anything to go by.

The sheer lack of credibility or realism really ruined the whole experience, as apparently in the year 2093 such skills as threat assessment and common sense have been largely bred out of the human race. Yes it IS science fiction, but basic logic is required behind characters decisions, behaviour and the way things function.

In an Alien movie this could be excused as there is enough ‘other’ stuff happening that it is less important, but in this case the movie just leaves me asking why they bothered. In order to create any kind of flowing story to explain the movie I am forced to make enormous leaps of imagination and even so there seems little sense to be gained, or story to be revealed.

The potential was there, but I feel a story needed to be told and sadly it was disjointed, poorly written and disappointing.

Much like it’s namesake the movie overreached itself, and at times watching did indeed feel like having ones liver eaten by a great eagle. It is quite the tragedy.

Worth seeing for the visual effects alone, but not with any kind of expectations in other regards.

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  • Sam

    Could not agree more!