Jetbike Farseer WIP

Farseer on dark eldar skyboard

Early painting stages, next is the bleached bone.

Part of my Kael Din project includes the use of Blood Angel Honour Guard units, proving the greatest challenge of the project… What models can I or should I use to represent a Honour Guard unit with a Sanguinary Novitiate, all equipped with jump packs and with the regular Honour Guard models all carrying a Plasma Gun, while two additionally carry a Meltagun.

My first thought was naturally the new Shadow Spectre Forge World models, they are a work of art and really eye catching but require the most effort to obtain, particularly since Forge World doesn’t accept Paypal…
They are reasonable value thanks to the horrible over-pricing suffered in Australia (and other regions) but can’t really represent any legitimate Eldar choices.

On the other hand a Jetseer Council is a great Eldar unit and using Dark Eldar Skyboards I can build it with the minimum fuss – a Farseer or Warlock can simply be mounted straight onto a Skyboard and the addition of Reaver Jetbike front armour gives the Skyboard the length to stand in as a Jetbike more accurately.

Farseer on Skyboard

Rear/Underview of the converted skyboard.

And so my Kael Din project continues, with the first 3 models built and slow painting progress on my Farseer who will stand in for the Sanguinary Novitiate.

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