Farseer Update!

farseer on jetbike WIP

"Kill that monkeigh!"

Well over the long weekend I managed to finally set some time aside for painting and work on my Farseer and a few other elements of my Kael Din army project.

I’m trying to keep the painting really simple because I really want to build the army as large as possible without losing the will to live (paint).

I have plenty of stuff on my desk such as my next squad of winged Scorpions, some Wraithguard I stripped and am repainting, War Walkers, Wave Serpents, a few HQ’s and some Dark Reapers.

The Farseer is now pretty much finished except for the flying base with magnet and being Dull Coted and the gems touched up. I am reasonably happy, it’s not quite as good as my original Farseer, as I’ve found the new layer paints to be quite pastel-ish which has meant I’ve had to redo areas with some of the older paints. I could use Red Gore (thinly) over the lighter reds which would take the emphasis out of the highlighting, but I’m not sold on the idea.

I have two Warlocks to start work on all ready to go, and will need 6 more Warlocks and an additional Farseer to mount on skyboards to complete the squads I want. I’m reasonably sure I have them all in metal models laying around somewhere.

I also made some progress on a War Walker, the first of a set of three and will post up some pictures later. I’m still trying to figure out how to magnetise the weapons since I built them years ago and didn’t think of it then.

On another note it also looks like 6th Edition is just around the corner with the latest Games Workshop teaser airing on Youtube. With the flames and the strong focus on the number six I still hold out hope that perhaps there will be an announcement about the destruction of the Space Wolves (maybe at the hands of the Thousand Sons) but it seems unlikely.

Hopefully the new ruleset is as fun as this one has been, with slightly clearer rules and better support and we should be in for a treat.

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