Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Rulebook / BRB

6th edition 40k rulebook cover

So pre orders are up on the official website, we have a week to go and unfortunately for oceanic collecters (amongst others) there is a huge premium on the rulebook compared to the US/UK.

You can only get the limited edition versions from official sources it would seem, but for those looking for a cheap retailer who is providing the 6th Ed 40k BRB with reasonably priced international shipping you will want to check out Ebay.

I can’t provide any guarantees on the sellers authenticity or reliability, but their feedback score seems good, and I was able to order the book for around $75 AUD delivered. ($50 saving.)

An Ebay search for ”Warhammer 40K New 6th Edition Rulebook Preorder” should yield good results, although you may need to look at all those available as many of the US retailers are charging a similar price for shipping as for the book itself…

I’m certainly hoping it works out because I can’t afford the Australian RRP and don’t want to pirate because despite how customers are treated it really doesn’t help fix the unfortunate situation we are in.

I’m not providing a direct link because I’m unsure what kind of repercussions this may have, but you can leave a comment with any questions. I think you’ll find the search terms more than enough however. They should be right until it no longer becomes a pre order.

Any orders made following this advice are at your own risk and I recommend using Paypal for the buyer protection. I take no responsibility any issues people have, so do your research! I am not the seller in question, and in no way affiliated with them.

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