6th Edition hits! FAQ’s up!

So 6th edition has finally arrived and the books are out.

I’m still waiting for mine in the mail, coming all the way from the US but I managed to take a look in the local GWS today. Overall I am surprisingly happy with the rules, they are very marine centric and I think they will further cement 3+ armies with access to terminators, ATSKNF and a wide variety of weapons and initiative values the most competitive. It’s nothing new however.

For the FAQ’s I kept my expectations pretty low since the ones of interest are mainly Eldar, Dark Eldar and Tau. The ally system certainly has me looking at an Eldar army with some allies and I picked up a Farseer/Warlock Finecast box in the shop today (Yep, Seer Council).

Some rather mind numbing rulings in the FAQ’s however…

  • DE: Q:Can a unit that has arrived from reserve through a Webway portal launch an assault the turn it arrives? A: No. (No units can now, but turns an already rubbish entry into pure tripe).
  • Incubi Klaives: AP3, +1 Str
  • Incubi Demiklaives (Squad leader only) AP3, +2 attacks, or AP2 +2S
  • Agonisers – now the most EXPENSIVE power weapon in the game, that is incapable of taking on a 2+ save… absolute rubbish.
  • Eldar: A Farseer is a Psyker (Mastery Level 1) – but spirit stones are only mentioned for Eldrad:  He is mastery level 3 including his spirit stones… I bet the RAW’ers won’t accept this one… Does that even include his staff? I would assume not since it has restrictions on use.
  • The Harlequin Spiritseer just became either the coolest or the worst unit ever, gaining Shrouding AND Stealth (+3 to cover) and due to the wording of the FAQ they get this in ADDITION to the 2d6x2 spotting distance rule.  Yes that is the second and third sentences, the fourth sentence is the actual rule about enemies targeting the Harlequins. I would guess they meant second and third paragraph, since this would make Harlies extremely good which is an unlikely goal for GWS. This being said Harlies are the ONLY combat choice really left for Eldar to take on 3+ and 2+ units…
  •  Howling Banshee and all Power Weapons including those on the Phoenix Lords are no longer capable of taking on 2+ armour saves… Because being millennia old and having wargear from one of the most advanced races in the universe is meaningless these days. I can’t wait to see the new Black Library novels – “The Banshee swung her power sword at the Terminator and it bounced off his armour”.
  • Tau: Still apparently consider drones for morale… pure and absolute stupidity.
  • Blood Angels: FNP/FC Bubbles now only work on Blood Angel units.

Easy to see that whoever makes the FAQ doesn’t play Xenos armies.

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