Necron Invasion

Necrons make an appearance  on my work bench as I seek an interesting and competitive Xenos army!

necron overlord magnetised to a infantry base

My Necron Overlord, magnetised to work as infantry or on a Command Barge.

Well 6th Edition is starting to sink in and my favourite (from a lore and model line perspective) army has remained rather lacklustre. Even allying DE to CWE doesn’t really fix any issues as both armies suffer from similar problems.

With the choice of further expensive conversion projects to try and build a massive Jetbike Eldar army revolving around at least a single Jetbike Seer Council or an army with all the models available without the necessity of converting  the choice became easy – I would start an evil army. It’s important to note here that while I did collect Dark Eldar I did so from a ‘exodite army’ perspective so I never really considered this an evil force, simply a different form of Eldar.

necron overlord side shotNecrons are a great evil race, they want to wipe out all the lesser species or at least rule them but they can’t be too efficient or the Tyranids win. Life is pretty challenging when you are 60 million years old and practically immortal/indestructible.

Their fluff in the new codex is pretty OTT but arguably better than the last incarnation. They certainly seem to kick Eldar around quite a bit – nothing new for Eldar – but surely the writers can come up with a new whipping boy every now and then. I hear bathing in the blood of Sisters of Battle is all the rage amongst Imperial forces after all…

My first purchase was a Command Barge at a local store, and two boxes of Immortals and a box of Warriors for my troops from an online retailer. Massive savings are hard to resist.

While I wait for the troops to arrive I put together my Command Barge and magnetised all the options for easy swapping. The Lord can be put onto a normal base, or the Barge can become an Annihilation Barge – that is slightly better value for money!

A Warscythe Overlord in Command Barge is a great starting choice, thanks to the nifty interaction between his Warscythe and attacks from the Barge, I’m keeping it simple for now but plenty of other wargear is pretty useful too.

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  • Sam

    Great photos

    • Kristwithak

      Well the Canon Ixus 220 HS is a great camera for taking macro shots.