WIP: Necron Command Barge

Progress on my Command Barge continues.

I’ve found the new dry brush paints really helpful for Necrons, both the Necron Compound (silver) and the Golden Griffon are great.
I’m struggling to figure out how and where I could add colour to give the Barge a bit more presence on the table.
I also have the cannon for the Annihilation Barge on the desk waiting for paint.

command barge WIP

Awesome model with great detail.

With the Overlord the Barge is a bit more interesting but still needs some additional colour.

command barge with lord

My Overlord embarks on his Command Barge. He wanted it in Cherry Apple Red but has had to settle for Silver/Gold.

I’m still waiting for my Immortals and Warriors to arrive, so this model is getting some good attention. Any suggestions for adding some colour are welcome!

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  • Sam

    No additional colouring needed!