The Future?

Stelek over at Yes The Truth Hurts has made a good point about the current state of Games Workshop and many of its competitors.

Check out his post- Games Workshop: The Future

Also worth a look is the latest from Faeit 212 :  Games Workshop Upset with 6th Ed Distribution. It looks like everything didn’t go to plan for GWS. I’m not suprised – I had to order my book from the US to be able to afford it.

I don’t -totally- agree with Stelek’s perspective on new models, I think many of the new lines in the last year or so have been amazing. Dark Eldar for instance are a superb set of miniatures. Likewise the new Necron models are pretty darn cool.

Sure the Marine releases like the Storm Raven is basically a box with wings thanks to someone with a shoe-box fetish being in charge of Marine vehicle design but Games Workshop seems to think ensuring Marine releases are as ugly and unimaginative as possible is in keeping with the lore, so that’s cool. It’s the same as the staff who defend the Tau suits which are (lets be honest) ugly, terrible versions of the Mech suits made popular by many anime shows. Imagine the audience for Tau if the suits looked like the Forge World releases.

Looking back at Dark Eldar however you immediately see the point he is making, the army is almost unplayable when entering the hobby unless you get really lucky with good advice or do your research. Once you know your rules and build a competitive army it is still very sub-par considering the wait for the new codex…

The small scale gaming is also something I really agree with. I would love to see a system built around taking a single squad from your preferred army and being able to battle it out, squad versus squad. It would obviously need a whole new rules, wargear and points system to keep it fair but being able to play with a single squad would make entry to the hobby much easier and attract people with less time and money. Just make sure the models convert across from the normal model ranges so they can be expanded into a full army and you are laughing…

Any type of cross promotion would also be a huge boon to the hobby, particularly if it can offer better value on Games Workshop products. Not only do they need to be affordable for  ME but they also need to be affordable and interesting to OTHERS so we can in the future play together. If you had no one to play (ever) would you even bother with the hobby? I wouldn’t and I’m a hobbyist at heart.

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