Necron Warriors Complete!

necron warrior traditional silver and greenFinally my first Warrior squad is complete, bases and all. They are only painted quite simply because I can see myself needing maybe 40 (or 36 – three boxes) of these guys at some point if I wanted to field larger squads or make use of Ghost Arks.

As I finished these guys off I had to add a little bit of Mithril Silver highlighting to the shoulderpads, spine and collarbone plus some Golden Griffon (Dry) onto the joints. The squad was just a little too boring without the added features.

the whole warrior squad twelve strong

I also went for a very basic (read: poor) OSL effect on the weapons and from the eyes. The sourcing isn’t done properly but I only wanted them simple and fast. The glow is across the weapon, around the eyes and the reflection of the weapon on the chest plate.

the whole squad in a patch of sunlight

The Warrior squad in partial sunlight.

Up next is the Immortals and the Scarabs. For the Scarabs I want to try for a yellow/black striped effect on the shell while I am still considering how to add some additional colour to my Immortals. White shoulder and upper leg armour is tempting but I don’t enjoy working with whites, even the new paints.

individual warrior

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