Necron Order – On the sprue!

Despite horrifically slow (read: non-existent) progress recently, it is still really exciting to get my big order from Discount Games Store.

We’ll just put this down as a glitch in the tomb worlds restoration progress. Might be something to do with all those Eldar stored near my new Necrons, using their psychic might to thwart my progress. Ever a jealous lot the Eldar.

So, the pile of sprues contains two Spyders, two Arks, two boxes of Immortals and a Night Scythe. The Arks I mainly bought due to the great price I got on them, I’ll magnetise them to fit both roles but it is more likely they will be Heavy Support. The Night Scythe will likewise be magnetised – it is too good and too expensive to be regulated to only a transport or only a heavy support. The Immortals – my personal favourite in the troops selection will help get bodies on the table, while the Spyders are beautiful models as well as being pretty good on the table. I’m not going to complain about MC’s that can create more Scarab Swarms!

So far only a single Spyder is constructed, with the second on the way. Here are some progress pics -

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