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The BRB FAQ finally arrives!6th edition 40k rulebook cover

So we have finally received the first version of the BRB FAQ and quite a few things have been clarified.

Probably the main change that effects everyone is the slight change to wound allocation, removing the “or unsaved wounds” portion of the wording for Look out Sir (LoS), which people seemed to think allowed them to fail an armour save and then pass that wound onto another model, which might be ok in simple units, but in complex units meant people tried to take invulnerable saves on special characters then pass the failed saves onto other models…

LoS also needs to pass the wound on to the next nearest model now, adding a bit more strategy to your model placement within a unit.

If a Flyer Zooms, it has a Combat Speed of 18″ and a Cruising Speed of up to 36“.” Yay finally some clarification on this one, combat speed is 18″ while cruising speed is 18.1-36″.

Weapons that ignore armour saves do exactly that… Not sure how people could misinterpret this, but there you go.

If a vehicle has been shaken or stunned it still effects the passengers even if they disembark. No arguing it anymore.

No sweep attacks against flyers from chariots.

Necron Specific FAQ changes:

Whip coils (and a few other similar pieces of wargear for other armies) only effect the models in B2B at the beginning of the fight sub-phase. It’s pretty obvious that some useless  bozo at GWS headquarters decided on this house rule. Not only does it directly contradict the actual rule in the codex but its extremely nonsensical. Anyway, GWS have never had a problem with entirely changing the way Xenos codexes work in the past, for the worse via a “FAQ” for a question that no sane player would need to ask.

The Hyperphase Sword ruling is a bit strange…an obvious nerf, rather than just allowing people to choose a specific type from the list of power weapons…

The Death Ray can’t hit flyers/FMCs.

No stealth or shrouding against Imotekhs lightning attacks.

You can embark back into a Night Scythe!!! Rereading the rules I actually notice it does say for disembarking and embarking so this makes sense. I’de seen so much argument to the contrary though that I hadn’t bothered worry about this issue.


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