Night Scythe/Doom Scythe WIP:

The disturbing silhouette of a Necron Scythe!

I’m going to be honest, I know that flyers will probably get destroyed soon – maybe with the release of the Chaos Space Marine codex – if they get too many anti air weapons, or possibly later after all the flyer lines have been released and have made enough sales that they can afford to implement some new ultimate anti flyer. (Knowing Games Workshop it will be called the ‘Bolter’.)

Anyway, ON TOPIC! This flyer is really really nice. The design is steamlined and cool. The model is easy to put together and exceptionally well moulded. I didn’t have any issues putting mine together. The portal/death ray parts are made to slot into special holes which means with the model painted they should be swappable/secure without magnets. I would have liked a cockpit window that I could just paint to hide the pilot, but we’ll have to see if anything from other lines fits!

The rules are good, particularly for the Night Scythe. The Doom Scythe is a bit overpriced for me, despite how amazing the Death Ray is.

Reading back over the actual codex rules it does make clear the Night Scythe would have troops embarking, which is quite the boon to the Necron player. This is one awesome little flyer!

Now I just need about five more to ensure I will have enough no matter what list I decide to use.

I’m currently trying to decide whether to do source lighting with a lighter metallic (Mithril Silver) from the wing tips inwards with my airbrush, to get a nice gradient, or to do the wings in brushed gold. If I go for the gradient on the wings I’ll probably do the cockpit area in brushed gold.

Pics of progress coming soon!

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