Dice for Lady Luck

I’ve followed Bolter and Chainsword for a long while now, mainly due to my passing interest in Blood Angels and my long term interest in the Thousand Sons fluff. The Planet of Sorcerer’s section in particular has a great group of guys.

Having kept an eye on the Blood Angels section, I didn’t get involved with the first dice purchase as I was a bit dubious about the value.

When the second dice round went up I knew I wanted some. A bit of basic math worked out the price, which was far more reasonable than I originally expected and I put in my order.

For the price of a box of troops (well less than a box of troops) I ordered the Blood Angels dice and the Death Company dice. 30 of each did the trick.

The result arrived not long ago and I’m extremely happy with the end product!

I haven’t colour corrected this image as it really shows off how rich the colours are on these dice!

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