Return of the Wracks

Been busy lately and have been working on a few different non-Necron units since I don’t have the time for full squads.

Here is an update on the custom Wracks I started for my Dark Eldar quite a while ago.

Added a bit more green to go with the poisoned theme and am pretty happy with the result. Just needs basing and Dull Cote and the first of the squad is good to go.

Sadly with the nerf to FNP, Wracks are much less attractive than last edition. 5+ just doesn’t cut it on a unit with no real save, no ranged abilities (except a template) and the nerfs to assaulting. You can’t even take three of these guys to make a Venom scoring… Plus once dismounted a squad of three just won’t survive.

I like the conversions though, so while the real world (game) uses are unlikely, I am trying to work through the squad and get them all finished and on display.

Dark Eldar Wrack conversionDark Eldar Wrack conversionDark Eldar Wrack conversionDark Eldar Wrack conversion

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