WIP Night Scythe

Well I have managed to make progress with my Night Scythe and Immortals over the last week or two.

The Night Scythe I wanted to be really eye catching, it is a flyer and is a very nice model to boot. I opted for a golden drybrush over bronze for most of the wing span, with white tips and a brushed silver/boltgun main body. There is still plenty of work to go but I feel it is coming together well. I am tempted to add some red detailing on the wings, for a traditional war plane feel, but am not sure yet.


WIP Night Scythe, with almost complete Immortals in the background!

The Immortals are just waiting for bases and a final Dull Cote, 5 of their fellow Immortals are also under way, just needing the white shoulder and upper leg plating to also be at the basing stage.

The parcel from the US bringing reinforcements is apparently stuck somewhere, as progress hasn’t moved since it was accepted by the USPS, a bit disappointing since it has been two weeks now… and I thought Australia Post was unreliable.

Hopefully next update I’ll have either all the Immortals or the Night Scythe completed, OR both! The Doomsday Ark still needs all its Gaus batteries attached (not looking forward to it) plus paint so that is another big project, not to mention the second Ark still on the sprue!

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