Night Scythe and Annihilation Barge

NightScythe_Front_PilotThe Night Scythe is finally finished and since I had to paint its Tesla Destructors I grabbed the Annihilation Barge’s weapon array out of the cabinet and did them both at once.

Due to extended periods of not painting everything is building up a coat of greasy dust, so most things need a wash before I continue working on them. I’ll need to give these an additional wash in (slightly) soapy water before I do the final Dull Cote, of which I need more cans for the latest batch of finished models.

Having seen the finished results of trying to use washes by hand on vehicles I think I’ll just airbrush them next time. I find that washes tend to go on differently via airbrush, massively darkening whatever they go over, or if watered down just running like rubbish.

I’ve also began using Dwarf Bronze under the Golden Griffon ‘Dry’ brush. It gives a little more depth to the gold and makes it look more aged/worn.


The green wash is still wet, will probably need another layer then highlights to maintain the cool glassy look.

I’m still not labouring over the painting details on my Necrons, they will be an army to play not purely display and progress does move along nicely this way.
Scythe_Cockpit_Wings NightScythe_Complete!

The Annihilation Barge looks reasonable, despite the differences in how I painted between when they were done. With 6th, flyers and the price on this model I have to admit they are quite attractive. Tesla is pretty amazing against flyers, especially twin linked!AnniBarge2 AnniBarge1

Yes I need a light box for taking proper photos! I know I know. It is on the list.

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