Despairtek Progress!

Since my order finally arrived and I had a little free time I managed to start work on my Despairteks.

I’m only doing two at this point, due to the cost of VC-Wraiths here in Aus and I would order from Discount Game Shop if I needed more. That being said I think other Crypteks will probably get more use and with the Praetorian boxes here I can convert those too.

The only issue: Praetorians are a much taller and more elaborate model so they don’t quite fit the Cryptek stat line… I have to decide whether I’ll use them anyway (they are a cool model) or as Lords.

I still need to get the final details finished and fill the horrible join lines on the less than perfect moulds… for $22 I would expect MUCH better.

Despairtek1 Despairtek2
Despairtek3 Despairtek4
Despairtek5 Despairtek6
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