Grey Knights WIP – Pysfleman

Around all other commitments my Grey Knights are slowly but surely being reinvented to suit the new codex, and progress is being made.

The DreadKnight I have been working on has been involved in an accident involving super glue, and extensive damage has been suffered. It is now on the backburner, awaiting the time and patience to include the damage into a conversion that will hide it.

I would recommend against trying to wash super glue spills off models.

A Pysfleman Dread has been a great success, and while not perfect has been an easy project despite the cost in parts (A Venerable Dread Kit and the Aegis Defence Line box for Autocannons).

The basis is an undercoat in GWS black spray, air brushed with boltgun metal, followed by an airbrush of purple/black wash. This was then drybrushed with boltgun/chainmail, followed by a brush applied layer of black wash followed by drybrushing mithril. Overkill? Perhaps, but as the first few models I am painting I am still figuring out what is fastest, best and easiest.

The Dreadnought is progressing well however:

First stage of painting

I picked out those details that needed to stand out, and started applying bronze and Dheneb Stone, followed by a diluted chestnut ink wash.

Dreadnought with additional colours and detailAdditional colour was needed with Foundation Mechrite red and further Dheneb Stone details being added, to the armour and seals/ribbons. Purity seals were also added from the PAGK sprue.

The next steps will be washing the purity seals to give them more depth, and drybrushing the red plating to bring out the engraved text, a general look over for any things I’ve missed and then based – snow theme.

Hopefully the end result will be a table top quality paint job that will look good on the table, particularly with the rest of the army!!

I’ll probably in the future add an additional Psyfleman dread at which time i’ll try and put together a guide for the conversion.

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