Necron Reinforcements!

My birthday order finally arrived, with a few extras that I grabbed to make the shipping more worthwhile.

Discount Games Store as always pulled through with a great price, cheap shipping and pretty quick shipping (for the price and distance).

boxed scythes, immortals, praetorians

I’ve got two more Night Scythes, 10 Immortals and 10 Praetorians.

At the moment the Immortals will probably be armed with Tesla for a squad with a bit more utility and the ability to tool out a squad with a longer optimal range. They’ll benefit more from Lance Crypteks, or even a more combat orientated Lord and Overlord combo.

It’s interesting because the Staff of Light, Voltaic Staff and Abyssal Staff all work within rapid fire range.

Only lances and Tremorstaves really benefit from longer range. I can however see the more infantry based meta provide Tremorteks with viability, particularly in conjunction with Gaus or Tesla Immortals and perhaps even a Writhing Worldscape C’tan.

Once all this is glued and ready for paint I’ll grab out the cheap airbrush and undercoat, basecoat, wash and do some basic source lighting to all the models!

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