HQ Analysis Pt.2

I haven’t had much time free of late to do… well anything really.

I did manage to get this quick analysis of the Overlord, Lord and Destroyer Lord done a while back though.

Additional insight is definitely welcome!

Necron Lords and Overlords

necron overlord on catacomb barge

My CCB OLord with Scythe

The Necron Lords and Overlords are highly customisable IC’s in the Necron army and strength and toughness five make them quite hardy. The Lord has one less attack and two less wounds.

Overlords are HQ choices which start relatively cheap but can become very expensive. A Phaeron is an upgraded Overlord who confers relentless to any unit he joins (and benefits himself). This is largely regarded as useless these days due to the changes to rapid fire weapons and Necron’s natural avoidance of combat on shooting squads.

I do feel this upgrade does provide a certain level of utility in a tooled out Immortal squad, joined by an Overlord and perhaps a regular Scythe Lord or two. This is a very specific build however and whether this can work or not is something I plan to test!

Additional upgrades include:

Warscythe: Practically an automatic choice. Ignores armour saves (literally ­– not power weapon style) adds two strength and doesn’t affect your already terrible initiative, meaning you hit before power fists and hammers, but generally after everything else in the game. Also great versus vehicles.

Other wargear: The Staff of Light is arguably the next best weapon in say, a shooting squad, the rest aren’t very noteworthy.

Sempiternal Weave: Gives you a 2+ save.

Phase shifter: 3++ (invulnerable save). Expensive.

Resurrection Orb: 4+ Reanimation protocols for the bearer and unit.

Mind Shackle Scarabs (MSS): Gives you a chance of (before combat) taking control of an opponent’s model and turn them against themselves or their unit at their initiative step. I won’t go into details but this is a very good choice.

Phylactery: One use, your first reanimation protocol gives D3 wounds back. It is quite the gamble with your normal 33% chance to get back up, although with an orb the odds are slightly better. Then you still have a 33% chance of getting your usual one wound, 33% chance of two and 33% of three.

So 22% chance of actually benefiting. Or 33% with an orb…

Tachyon Arrow: A single shot, strength 10 AP1 shot with infinite range. Arguably overpriced unless you could use it to punk a really worthwhile target without giving them a cover save. Possible, deadly but unreliable.

Tesseract Labyrinth:  Used instead of CC attacks, against an IC or MC, removing them on a D6 roll that isn’t under their current wounds. No saves.

Catacomb Command Barge: The Catacomb Command Barge is quite a vehicle, equipped with a Tesla Cannon and Quantum Shielding. It provides a 2+ save to the character embarked and they count as being on a chariot. The chariot must be targeted by shooting attacks, creates a larger base footprint, provides sweep attacks as well as D6 HoW (Hammer of Wrath) attacks at S6.

Sadly sweep attacks cannot target zooming flyers anymore, thanks to a FAQ.

Destroyer Lords

necron destroyer lord custom made

This Destroy Lord is by Ravix over at necrontombworld.proboard.com. Impressive!

These are the heavy lifter combat HQ’s, with high base toughness and share many of the OLord upgrades, such as the MSS, Weave and Orb. They come standard with a Warscythe, have preferred enemy (Everything) which provides rerolls of one to hit (necessary with their low WS) and  to wound. With such low WS to start with this isn’t amazing and the low number of attacks won’t help either. Of course DLords are jump infantry and really buff a squad they join. You just need to make sure that squad has an effective role to make the cost worthwhile. You’ll rely upon MSS and probably weave if you are using a DLord as a lynchpin of your army. That way they can absorb fire and really benefit a squad in combat.

DLords most ideally synergies with Canoptek Wraiths although some people use them with destroyers to maximise the effectiveness of their shooting. Theoretically you could add them to any unit that needs shooting or combat buffs (or both for maximum effectiveness).

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