Necron Progress: Crypteks and more!

With the Easter long weekend I’ve managed to have some time off, get a friend back into 40k, visit a store (buying just a can of black spray) and make some progress on my army.

Painting-wise it has been slow, I’ve almost completed my final five Gaus Immortals! That will make 20 in total.

I have also revisited my completed Spyder, it is too plain and doesn’t scream SPIDER! I’m adding some addition details to more resemble a real life spider, the type with bright colours that stand out. The gold ‘shell’ may also receive an update to be Bronze with gold drybrushing, which gives better depth and colour.

My Doomsday/Ghost Ark remains untouched – this is a big job and I’m not jumping into it.

I have put together two Despairteks, as seen previously. I also used two boxes of Praetorians to build the following:

  • Two Lords with Scythes.
  • Three HoDestruction with E.Lances
  • Three Tremorteks (who may receive more attention to their staves)
  • Two Volteks (Voltaic Staff – although I didn’t go with the staff)

I also put together my final 10 Immortals, these guys with Tesla AND my final two Night Scythes.

Importantly this time I have left the wings off to aid in painting. They will be air brushed bronze for a better, more even finish.

I checked other websites/blogs to find someone else who had done this and was surprised not to find anyone with a quick search. Several people mentioned the wings not fitting once the cockpit/main fuselage is fully together, which is TRUE.

The base of the wings flair out to hold them in place. So I trimmed them down, as pictured which means they still fit snuggly into place and can be painted separately. Easy fix.


Despairtek and Volteks.


HoDestruction Eldritch Lance-teks


Tesla Immortals


Warscythe Lords


Full Night Scythe


Night Scythe without the wings. Ready for painting.


Trimmed wing for fitment.



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