Necron Troops Analysis

Here is my take on both Warriors and Immortals with 6th Edition in mind.

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the whole warrior squad twelve strongNecron Warriors, the scourge of an earlier age. These guys are not what they once were, receiving a bit of a downgrade with the new codex into the ‘mindless servant warriors’ as compared to the more intelligent and skilful Immortals who took over their previous role.

Still in the Warrior’s favour is their Gaus weapons, which can still flay the flesh from the living and destroy vehicles with ease. Of course their weakness remains combat, with just a 4+ save and the more reliable, but less powerful resurrection protocols of this codex. Rapid fire is also improved for 6th, making their Gaus a little more powerful on the move.

Warriors are now the ‘Horde’ unit, which can be taken in larger squads, possibly with Res Orb Lords/O-Lords and Ghost Arks to be resilient, dangerous units.


Where Warriors are now the soft option for Necron troops, the Immortals have taken up the traditional role  – these guys are tough, they are mean and they pack a punch.


They come in two varieties. Gaus – with upgraded gaus weapons, still rapid fire but which benefit from an extra point of strength and one lower armour penetration, or Tesla – a single shot assault weapon also benefiting from the extra strength but not without the armour penetration bonus. Tesla gives an additional two automatic hits for each six rolled to hit! Not bad at all.

Gaus are generally considered the winner in most cases, with the extra weight of fire at 12”
and closer, not to mention the extra AP which can really help versus non MEQ. Gaus’s other advantage is that it meshes really well with many Cryptek weapons – Staves of Light, Voltaic Staves and Abyssal Staves are all designed for rapid fire double shot range.

Tesla_Immortals2Tesla though has a few advantages, it is fully effective up to 24” which with the increased (less reliable) charge range is a boon. It also is good for overwatch, those sixes are turned into additional successful hits. I think these guys would be more effective at kiting targets, particularly with a little help from some Crypteks – like perhaps Tremorteks. Being assault weapon armed these guys also have the option of taking a Lord or HQ choice to assault after unleashing hell, without the need for the Phaeron upgrade. Another option for the Tesla Immortals is the Lanceteks, as you can make use of the Lance’s extra range, and assault capabilities. The problem is it is expensive for a few shots a game!


Up next will be their dedicated transport options!

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