Awesome leaked High Elf images


This lovely lady may become a Warlock on Jetbike (Skyboard) for my Kael Din Eldar – the model is just too good to pass on.

I’m not into fantasy at all, nor has it really ever interested me. The models have always been much too anime for me.

When I first got into Warhammer it was because the Lord of the Rings Elves were awesome, their armour was stunning, easy to make look good, and just very cool. Fantasy never conveyed that same kind of detail or coolness.


These new High Elf models are absolutely stunning, whoever created them really deserves a pat on the back. I’m not always that pleased with GWS releases, particularly recently – looking at you Horrible Hobbit miniatures. These however are very very inspiring.

Hopefully the new Eldar stuff is on par. I honestly could never understand why they haven’t tried to make lines that work for Fantasy and 40k to save on sculpts, production and have a little bleed between gaming systems.

Anyway I ‘borrowed’ these from Natfka over at Faeit212, check out his blog for all the latest gossip/rumours. He does an amazing job keeping up to date with reliable sources.

The images have already been sharpened judging by the quality and I’ve given them the once over to try and make them look better, but they are far from perfect.

HE_troopers HELeaked_Flamespyre_Pheonix HELeaked_Skychariot HELeaked_Skychariot2

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