Necron Dedicated Transports


Here are the two dedicated transports generally available to Necron units. The Catacomb Command Barge isn’t covered as it was covered in the HQ section.

Ghost Ark:


Bloody Dice’s awesome Ghost Ark!

What is notable is the Ghost Ark, which is the dedicated Warrior transport, and provides repairs on the run, bringing damaged (dead) Warriors back to life. This can’t exceed the original squad numbers, but is useful for keeping the fragile units alive, while also providing additional firepower thanks to Gaus Flayer arrays. Sadly this model can only carry 10 Warriors which is a bit sad, but a larger squad can still buy one and have it float along behind them, reanimating the dead and providing extra firepower.

The Ghost Ark itself has good armour value thanks to Quantum Shielding, can carry Warriors and allow them to shoot from relative safety, and of course has the living metal rule.

Night Scythe:


Pew. Pew.

This is without a doubt one of my favourite units in the Necron codex. You have a transport which can move 24” as a flyer and let passengers disembark normally! It has pretty reasonable firepower for taking out light vehicles/flyers and harassing ground forces.

It looks cool, is a nice kit, is easy to paint and is reasonably priced. What more could you want?!?

The main drawbacks are units capable of taking flyers out. The armour on your Night Scythe is pretty poor, and they rely upon the sixes to hit rule to really survive. With each new army introducing their own air or anti air-choices the price of this transport becomes more and more balanced.

Some people will tell you that they are totally OP/underpriced, but realistically once everyone has skyfire and flyers they won’t be so crash hot.

With more anti flyer choices we have also seen people saying it is the end of the AirCron lists.

I don’t think this is true. Most armies still have limited anti-air choices, so if anything really spamming flyers is more viable – you would rather have 9-12 flyers and lose a few each round but still have some on the table, than take two in a balanced list and have them gone, totally hamstringing your mobility.

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