Price Increases & Embargoes

GWS has once again gone out of its way to betray its loyal customers in the latest shocking move to increase prices, on a considerable scale.

Independent sellers such as and, have been accused of riding on the success of GWS and damaging the hobby as a whole via their international selling practices. An accusation which clearly rings false to their many customers, not to mention from a fair trading and pricing perspective.

This will have particular effect on the non-UK/US/European consumers who already pay anything from an 80% to several hundred percent premium on GWS products via local franchise stores, or LGS. Wayland Games and Maelstrom Games both provided GWS products to international customers at much more reasonable prices, more akin to what UK and US consumers currently pay.

GWS attempted to hide these announcements behind another, their new FineCast models, which are set to replace all metal miniatures. Obviously they greatly underestimated the anger that price rises would cause, not to mention the effect of an embargo on a large portion of its customer base, while totally overestimating the reception FineCast would receive.

A quick look at the GWS Facebook page is a telling story, as all negative comments are removed, hiding an extremely angry, and increasingly mobilised customer base who are at their wits ends. Many threatening to leave the hobby for good, or move to competitors at this latest action.

Lobby groups are continuing to encourage GWS customers to email and send letters expressing their disappointment and anger at the latest action, as well as keeping the issue alive in their local and online communities, as GWS have refused to even acknowledge the issue on any official channels.

Here is a link to a Facebook Group currently representing the Australian and New Zealand players effected by this latest action: GW Australian & New Zealand Prices Petition

You can also find the GWS contact information on their official site to send in complaints directly.

I strongly encourage people to keep this issue alive, in order to force GWS to adopt a more sustainable marketing approach, as well as to get the result we (its customers) deserve. Make sure all your friends know, and make your voices heard!

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