Faeit212 Gone and with it any interest in the hobby!

I’m not sure when I’ll update this blog next, as the closure of Faeit212 has really hamstrung my Warhammer interest.

I was looking forward to the Eldar release with some trepidation, but now I can’t even summon any interest in my Necrons, let alone any future releases.

I’ve got plenty of Necrons sitting on my desk waiting for basing and finishing touches, but really just can’t be bothered.

Kind of sad but it isn’t really just the single thing. Everything has been building up with the ongoing campaign to just curb stomp any kind of community spirit or support by GWS.
The hobby is too expensive to invest in if you aren’t motivated and quite a few friends have  dropped off the proverbial cart in the last six months too…

I’m not looking to sell my armies yet, but it’s a close thing.

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