New_eldarWell, Faeit 212 is back online, Eldar have been released, with not only a codex but a supplemental for Iyanden too and I still can’t summon any enthusiasm for working on my 40k.

I went and bought a pot of snow basing to finish off my current Necrons. I’ve got a few Lords, Crypteks and half a squad of Tesla Immortals that just need basing.

To say I am disappointed with Eldar would be a bit like saying I would be ‘a little unhappy’ if someone walked up and stabbed me in the heart.

When I get some free time I’ll do a quick codex analysis but for now I’ll just comment on a few of the particularly damaging aspects of these releases to my hobby interest.

Dire Avengers – Suddenly these guys became $55 a box (FOR FIVE). Now as someone who has probably bought four or five Eldar Battleforces (yes, from the UK, back when you could) nothing about five Dire Avengers comes close to deserving that price tag. $7 (AUD) more nets you a FULL squad of Space Marines (that’s 10 models), $14 less gets you a 5 man squad of marines, or scouts. $48 is the price you pay for Dark Eldar troops, which are of much better quality in greater numbers. Sure their rules are rubbish but are we paying for the intangible now? To me the closest comparison is CSM Cultists who have a similar level of detail, and are $14 for five.

jesgoodwin_JBEldar Jetbikes  - The price change is welcome, but was probably only done to match the same changes for Marine bike boxes. Obviously $25 each was a ridiculous amount, the models just aren’t very good, any self respecting player would need Guardian or Avenger chests to get rid of the frankly pathetic leather jacket ‘biker’ look.  We’ve all seen the new Eldar jetbike sculpts too, they have been around for years and were the basis for the DE jetbikes. Where are those? I wouldn’t be surprised to see that GWS needs to sell off massive numbers of backstock of the (terrible) old jetbikes and will phase them out when they all sell.

Codex prices – This is an ongoing gripe. $83 AUD is just not a reasonable price for a codex, even a hardback. If the contents was amazing I would probably fork out for one, but it isn’t, it’s just a slightly updated copy paste of the old Eldar codex. I had a good laugh when I saw the Limited Edition dust cover costing an additional $77.

The Iyanden Supplemental – Also $83, for what is apparently very minor wargear changes… Not to worry it is also available in a Limited Edition version but at the great price of $140, that premium buys you a yellow dust cover, almost identical to the Eldar codex but with the Iyanden rune symbol – and obviously yellow…

WraithguardA nice surprise here, only $55 for five.

The Wraightknight – $125… I mean sure it is a cool model. The rules to me seem rather pathetic, but I’ve heard of people using them with success in games… I’m keeping an eye out in discount sellers to see whether I can pick one up without needing to take out a mortgage. Realistically this is a bit like when I bought the Storm Raven, I didn’t want to use it, the rules are/were rubbish. I just wanted the cool model.

What struck me the most was the fact that the Iyanden supplement is not available in stores in Australia. You have to order it online, which a cynical collector would say is because it is such bad value that you would never buy one if you actually saw it before handing over your money.

Anyway it is time to blow the dust off the Necrons and finish basing them.

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