Grey Knight Terminators!

Grey Knight Terminators, some consider them the backbone of an army since the new codex, while others shun them completely!

I’ve painted these up as quickly as I could without being unhappy with the paint job. Trying for a solid tabletop quality look, which from arms length I feel I have acheived.

The photos go through the various stages of painting and I’ll try and note what I did!

Just started adding some colour to the GKT!So this is the basic squad - air brushed with boltgun metal, followed by an airbrush of black wash. This was then drybrushed with boltgun/chainmail, followed by a brush applied layer of black wash followed by drybrushing mithril.

A closer lookA closer look!

Squad leader with psycannon and daemon hammerThis is the squad leader with a Psycannon and Daemon hammer. Important to try not to miss any of the inscribed areas while you do this since its a real pain to go back over. Its easily acheived by a very light drybrush of bronze onto the selected areas. With a bit of patience there should be almost no overflow outside of the needed areas, and it looks pretty good. Note: I did not even bother putting ink/wash over these areas. On the new models since the letters are clearer it may not be so easy to use this technique. I’d probably recommend a wash and quick highlight instead.

Colour! Adding more details.Now the detail and some colour was added. I chose red and bleached bone since they are a bit more traditional and I like the effect. Ribbons and books are Dheneb Stone (sp?) with Bleached Bone over the top and slight white highlights. Red is the foundation red followed by blood red, a wash (chestnut ink) and then some highlights.

Side view of skulls and shoulder pads.Not the best shot but you can see the shoulder pad, skull and purity seals. So far so good!

NFW's done, as well as eyes, and some basing.So the NFW’s have been painted. The weapons are bronze, washed over with chestnut ink then drybrushed bronze/mithril silver. More mithril makes it more neutral and less gold. Depends what you are aiming for. The blades are just a simple gradient moving through the blues I had available. I did them all in one batch, so it was quick and nasty. I just had paint on my pallet and added a lighter blue slowly. Its better to do the blades one at a time from a quality perspective… but thats not always the main concern!.

Another angle of the almost done GKTSlightly different angle on the main guy. Did some work on his oldschool psycannon to make it stand out a little. Another gradient effect, but done really really simple!

Finally all done! GKT completed as a squad.Finally! Completion. I tried to get a white background to make them stand out more but it just screwed up my camera’s colour balance… Oh well! These guys are just snow based, its extremely easy, first paint the bases in a light coat of white (probably before gluing on the stones!). 1 container of GWS snow, one container of PVA glue, water the glue down a bit and spread evenly over the entire base. Dip into the snow and shake off excess (over the container – this stuff is messy!). Repeat twice for a bit more depth. I apply the second coat while the first is semi dry, but you have to load the brush with glue to make sure you can just drop it on, otherwise you end up removing all the original layer!

Halberd GKTHalberd Grey Knight Terminator. Sorry depth of feild is terrible!

More halberd GKTTwo more close ups of the halberd wielding GKT. Halberds are pretty much an automatic choice in my opinion. Yes you lose the invulnerable save improvement from a sword, but you should be hitting first against almost anything meaning hopefully it dies!

GKT with hammer and Psycannon!The squad ‘leader’ with his NFW Hammer and Psycannon! (Sorry about the appalling colour difference)

Anyway this squad was completed very quickly hours of work wise (it took about 3 weeks to finish them due to uni assessments) and hopefully the next batch will be an improvement again. I think looking at them that storm bolters probably are better as a squad colour, but it makes it hard to mix and match in the future if I want to move guys around.

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  • DMK

    Nice guide!

  • Sam

    Thanks, this is really useful. What do you recommend for painting Chaos demons?