Necron Lords & Destroteks (/w Lances)

So despite my great apathy about the future of the hobby at the moment, particularly with the price increases I am forging ahead with my Necron army.

Well forging ahead is probably somewhat of an over-exaggeration, it just sounds far more exciting than crawling ahead.

There’s a few areas of progress but for now I’ll just show my Lord conversions and Destrotek (Lancetek) conversions using Praetorian boxes. I like how they came out, particularly painted and despite not being in these photos they are now snow based to match the army.

The Despairteks and Tremorteks are sadly coming along much slower! The Despairteks I am particularly unhappy with despite using the more common conversion. I think I’ll rethink the idea and work on something more appropriate. They are after all a very competitive option. I also think I’ll add some regular Crypteks with staves of light. With Deathmarks in particular, marking a target, they become quite effective.

Here’s the pics:

Lancetek_HoD_Destrotek_back Lancetek_HoD_Destrotek1 Lancetek_HoD_Destrotek2 Necron_Lord_Scythe_front Necron_Lord_Scythe_front1 Necron_Lord_Scythe_front2 Necron_Lord_Scythe_front3 Necron_Lord_Scythe_side Necron_Lord_Scythe1

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