Necron Revival

Well it’s not really a revival…

I’ve just been really busy, have moved house and haven’t had much motivation to paint or model lately. Almost all my 40k stuff is packed away (the finished Necron models lovingly) and only my paints are really accessible.

Since this generally means I waste time looking up silly youtube clips and doing nothing useful it will have to change.

Here’s my latest batch of stuff I primed and base coated a while back. The Destroyers I’ll have an update on soon. I got them second hand and only needed to remove sprue lines before base coating and painting them. Worked out pretty well. I’ll have some painted pics in the near future. The Wraiths and warriors need painting although I have a Wraith underway that is looking good.

Plans are to get a Eldar Codex and Tau Codex from the US, as well as a Necron codex, so I don’t need to take out a mortgage to fund their purchase. I’ll be getting some additional Necron stuff when I place the order. I’m mainly thinking Deathmarks at the moment. I would love to buy probably 10 Deathmarks and 20 more Immortals (for 10 gaus/10 tesla) but I also want two full squads of Wraiths… Choices, choices.

My next post will be a quick one about my basic airbrushing setup for anyone interested in saving major time in their painting!


Necron Destroyers primed and ready for silver!


The other two Destroyers with some scarabs and warriors.Undercoating-GWS-Black-Wraiths(2)

Probably my favourite unit in the codex – WRAITHS!Basecoating-Silver-(6)

Silverising all of them with the airbrush saves some serious time. I’ve found that airbrushing on the newer washes however just doesn’t work, although I haven’t tried a thinning or drying retardant.Basecoating-Silver-(Wraith1) Basecoating-Silver-Everything1 Basecoating-Silver-Everything2

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