Dark Elves Surface!

Well the new Dark Elves are up for pre-order and what can I say… the level of detail is pretty good on these models, with the Cauldron of Blood looking pretty cool with that Avatar (of Khaine) standing up the top. It may even be better value to buy that than an Avatar these days (for 40k Eldar). Of course the Avatar ain’t exactly great any more so it doesn’t really matter. 

Dark_Elf_ReleaseThe Witch Elves and Dreadspears both are pretty good boxes, but in all honestly the way all the fantasy releases are designed in such a cartoonish way has meant I’ve never really been able to look at anything but a few limited releases and say ‘Wow’.

I’m somewhat surprised (not really) to see you can buy a (one click bundle) The Cult of Khaine for just $382. Which is $22 more than if you just bought four boxes of the Witch Elves and a Cauldron of Blood. Bargain.

The pricing does somewhat surprise me… the big gribblies – the Hydra and Cauldron of Blood are only $5 more than their American counterparts… This seems more reasonable than usual for GWS, although the Hydra is pretty uninspired in my opinion.

The Witch Elves seem overpriced at $70, $10 more than the US versions, although to be fair it seems the box does contain three sprues, while the Dreadspears box is only $45 for what, to my eye equals a relatively similar amount of plastic on the tabletop. It does seem to only contain two sprues per box however, so at least I can see some logic to the pricing.


We’ve seen similar pricing on limited units in previous releases for 40k, which may simply be a method of stopping international sales out of the US to allow people to save money, but I would still tend to say that the cheaper units are within reasonable pricing (Dreadspears) while the Witch Elves are too expensive for what they are. Paying per sprue may make some sense, but when it doesn’t translate to the table… $70 is expensive for a unit of 10 scantily clad models.

Of course Dire Avengers still take the cake as the most overpriced (outdated, old sculpt rebox with less models) offering in recent times. 


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