About Kael Din

Kael Din has been a concept I’ve been thinking about for a while, since my favourite race, both fluff and model wise is the aloof and often arrogant Eldar.

The problem was I wanted an army with no tanks, and lots of extremely solid troop, sidelining Eldar and meaning that some form of Space Marines was an obvious army choice….. I’ve had my Grey Knight army for a while, but branched out to other armies to keep painting interesting. I was still looking for an effective and vehicle-less army to play, preferably with Eldar.

Enter the Blood Angels. I bought the codex when it came out just because I wanted to see what a jump infantry based army would play like. Add in all the special rules and characters and it was impossible to refuse!

Since then I have slowly worked on a Eldar stand in Blood Angels army as a fun conversion project, as well as continuing to work on my Grey Knights.

One thing I have learnt is that its hard to stay focused when an army requires massive conversion, each Kael Din warrior is an assault marine stand-in, making it a combination of Swooping Hawk and Striking Scorpion kits, as well as needed meltaguns from where ever possible. It looks striking even with my rather poor painting skills (if you’ll excuse the pun).

It also requires alot of time and effort painting as each model really needs to be of very good table top quality to justify the time and money invested in the army.

Other projects I’ve undertaken but are very slowly evolving and advancing are my Jetseer Council, and Dark Eldar “Exodite” army. In the case of the Jetseer Council it is again a huge amount of time and money for each model with slow progress.

My interest in Dark Eldar is mainly the new models, and the ability to field a competitive Eldar force. It is my most active army/project at this point in time.