Necron Lords & Destroteks (/w Lances)

So despite my great apathy about the future of the hobby at the moment, particularly with the price increases I am forging ahead with my Necron army.

Well forging ahead is probably somewhat of an over-exaggeration, it just sounds far more exciting than crawling ahead.

There’s a few areas of progress but for now I’ll just show my Lord conversions and Destrotek (Lancetek) conversions using Praetorian boxes. I like how they came out, particularly painted and despite not being in these photos they are now snow based to match the army.

The Despairteks and Tremorteks are sadly coming along much slower! The Despairteks I am particularly unhappy with despite using the more common conversion. I think I’ll rethink the idea and work on something more appropriate. They are after all a very competitive option. I also think I’ll add some regular Crypteks with staves of light. With Deathmarks in particular, marking a target, they become quite effective.

Here’s the pics:

Lancetek_HoD_Destrotek_back Lancetek_HoD_Destrotek1 Lancetek_HoD_Destrotek2 Necron_Lord_Scythe_front Necron_Lord_Scythe_front1 Necron_Lord_Scythe_front2 Necron_Lord_Scythe_front3 Necron_Lord_Scythe_side Necron_Lord_Scythe1

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Space Marine pic update

Here’s a quick update with a few better/new pictures of the upcoming marine release. centurions_ranged

The ranged Centurions seem somewhat better than the combat version. How exactly having inbuilt hurricane bolters in your chest would work from an overheating/accuracy perspective is one of those forging the narrative challenges they love, I would guess.

new_marine_tank new_marine_tank1Putting the rhino chassis to good use since… well for a good long while now.

I do like them both though. What’s the guess the AA version will see the end of flyer domination.

Someone’s YouTube take on the centurions:

(Embedding isn’t cooperating so here is the link:

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NEWS – LOLMarines Surface

Marines are pretty much confirmed as the next release as a raft of images have hit the net, showing exactly what will be on offer.

We’ve also heard that the Codex will be released with seven different covers to represent a variety of chapters, at the special Limited Edition price of $115 USD. ( 100 Kazillion AUD).

What’s also interesting is that preliminary pricing rumours seem to continue the trend of US prices rising to match Aussie prices more closely, which undoubtedly is due to the US being the only remaining growing market, as they are the only market that still sold internationally. With the price increases on new kits (as seen on Tau and Eldar) there really isn’t that much money to be saved anymore however. I think we’ll probably see US sales drop in the coming year as a result.

What has really set the blogosphere afire is the new ‘Centurions’:

blogger-image-210019424 blogger-image-1480413363

These are apparently the new vanilla marine ‘Obliterator’ option, a concept that would surely have been very well received if not for the models themselves. (Which is somewhat ironic since the CSM Oblits are already pretty ugly if you ask me.)

I can’t speak for everyone (although I have yet to see anyone who likes them) but I really have to admit I think GWS has dropped the ball here… I mean they constantly tell us they are a modeling company and then release these.

Other options include these Vanguard which were apparently accidentally sold early. Woops. Someone will lose their job over this one I am sure. They do look good however. Plastic is always a major boon.

Vanguard Vets Image2 Vanguard Vets Image1

There is also this tank, which from memory is some kind of anti-air choice.


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