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Night Scythe and Annihilation Barge

The Night Scythe is finally finished and since I had to paint its Tesla Destructors I grabbed the Annihilation Barge’s weapon array out of the cabinet and did them both at once. Due to extended periods of not painting everything … Continue reading

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Necron Order – On the sprue!

Despite horrifically slow (read: non-existent) progress recently, it is still really exciting to get my big order from Discount Games Store. We’ll just put this down as a glitch in the tomb worlds restoration progress. Might be something to do with … Continue reading

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WIP: Necron Command Barge

Progress on my Command Barge continues. I’ve found the new dry brush paints really helpful for Necrons, both the Necron Compound (silver) and the Golden Griffon are great. I’m struggling to figure out how and where I could add colour … Continue reading

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