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NDK/Psyfleman Update

The Nemesis Dread Knight/Nought project continues, with a little more progress and some insight into what I’m going for. Sorry for the poor pictures! I really like the base black colour with the air brushed source lighting, and using red … Continue reading

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Revisited: Psyfleman Dreadnought

Psyfleman Dreadnoughts – or dual twin linked autocannon dreads with psybolt ammo in the Grey Knight codex are one of the most competitive choices available. They are basically an ‘auto include’ in some circles (mech heavy meta) they are just … Continue reading

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Grey Knights WIP – Pysfleman

Around all other commitments my Grey Knights are slowly but surely being reinvented to suit the new codex, and progress is being made. The DreadKnight I have been working on has been involved in an accident involving super glue, and … Continue reading

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