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Necron Warriors Complete!

Finally my first Warrior squad is complete, bases and all. They are only painted quite simply because I can see myself needing maybe 40 (or 36 – three boxes) of these guys at some point if I wanted to field … Continue reading

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Dark Eldar Trueborn

Trueborn are an iconic unit in the Dark Eldar codex. Almost a Dark Eldar ‘Devastator Squad’ they are the heavy weapon specialists, capable of carrying Dark Lances, Blasters and Splinter Cannons. While Dark Lances are hideously overpriced for a static … Continue reading

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Reaver Jetbikes

One of the most exciting new models to be released with the Dark Eldar codex was undoubtedly the  Reaver Jetbike, with a totally redesigned bike that will hopefully be implemented in some form for CW:Eldar in the future, and some very cool … Continue reading

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